DON’T Fish for BASS in Summer Without Trying THIS!!! (HOW to fish JIGS)

Don’t ever fish for bass in summer with trying a jig. Specifically a Hair Jig. It’s a great fishing technique for ledge fishing and offshore summer bass to mimic forage like shad and other bait fish that move to deeper water during summer for more oxygen, cooler water, as well as in reaction to fishing pressure in clear water. There is no right or wrong way to fish a hair jig. I have a couple rod and reel retrieves I use all the time that seem to trigger fish on any lake. One slow rolling the lure near the bottom; two giving the reel a few quick turns and then lifting the fishing rod and slightly pendulum the bait down on a semi taught line; and three fast reeling the jig for a few quick turns and letting it just sink back down.

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