In this video I catch a GIANT bass using a finesse fishing technique on a spinning rod – one crazy fight and teetered on the edge of scary! I was using a drop shot rig on a spinning or spin cast rod and reel with a small soft plastic worm (finesse).

My favorite finesse fishing rod

My Daiwa Spinining reel

Hook for a drop shot rig

Soft plastic worm (Roboworm)

Drop shot weight

Flourocarbon fishing line

My fish finder

I caught my PB bass of a lifetime – a 13+ huge fish on a crankbait fishing pre spawn bass in clear water. It was an awesome life experience to capture on camera and be able to share on the YouTube channel – epic and unbelievable!!!

Want the crankbait and other gear we used to catch the pb bass of a lifetime and the 5 fish for 44# find it all at Tackle Warehouse:

Strike King 10XD

3/4oz Goat Head Swimbait Jig

True Bass Swimbait

Solid flourocarbon fishing line

Crankbait clips

My graphs HDS LIVE

Lowrance Ghost trolling motor

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