11lbs BASS on a Spinning Rod (SCARY Fishing!!!)

In this video I catch a GIANT bass using a finesse fishing technique on a spinning rod – one crazy fight and teetered on the edge of scary! I was using a drop shot rig on a spinning or spin cast rod and reel with a small soft plastic worm (finesse).

My favorite finesse fishing rod https://bit.ly/2GcQLLX

My Daiwa Spinining reel

Hook for a drop shot rig http://bit.ly/2I7EMyA

Soft plastic worm (Roboworm) http://bit.ly/2I7pLvu

Drop shot weight http://bit.ly/2IkGRXk

Flourocarbon fishing line http://bit.ly/2YjSLXd

My fish finder http://bit.ly/2K7qn5U