Do pros really need all these electronics on a bass boat? In this video we install a Precision Sonar triple fish finder mount on my new bass boat and I tell you why I think I need it.

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My forward facing sonar

Lowrance HDS Live

In this video my friend Nathan from Sea Clear Power shows how to install and setup the Lowrance Active Target forward facing sonar like the pros. Nathan has rigged out a bunch of pro angler bass boats and he shows you exactly how to install and tweak Active Target with your Lowrance HDS and Elite sonar units.

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Lowrance Active Target

Sea Clear Harness (the pros are using this to get better sonar images)

My Lowrance HDS Live

My Ghost Trolling motor

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Frog fishing is some of the most fun you can have fishing for bass. That topwater pattern is insane! Frog fishing is a technique of patience though and placing your fishing lure where the bass live. Fishing frogs for bass requires a focus on cadence and there’s really 2 things that no tells you enough before you get out to the lake – don’t set the hook until you feel the fish, and don’t think about your cast with your fishing rod. Often times anglers set the hook early and tournament anglers will tell you that’s a big oops when it come to hollow body frogs. Also skipping the frog under bushes, under docks, and even casting it around heavy cover you need to not think to much otherwise you end up overthinking your cast. Whether you’re bank fishing, pond fishing or tournament fishing get out a frog – the warmer water temperatures and vegetation growth means fish are shallow and relating to cover – a perfect time to cast a frog!

Want to know more about the fishing lures, fishing rods, and bass tackle in the vids? My light frog fishing rod 7′ 2″ MH My heavy frog fishing rod 7′ 3″ H Favorite topwater frog Braided fishing line for frog fishing The other topwater frog (Jackall Kaera) I was fishing My lake contour map My Costas New Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and Support #RealFishing!!! Subscribe: Inststagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: LIKE, SHARE, love to fish. #fishing #bassfishing #RealFishing #OG #fishinglure #fishingrod #mikeybalzzfishing #rescuedog #pitbull #fishingwithnorm #kickintheirbass #tacticalbassin #sbfishingtv #lojofishing #hdslive #springfishing #inthistogether #frogfishing #tournamentfishing #mlf #topwater #bankfishing #pondfishing #spawn If you love Bog make sure to LIKE this VID!

Why did one of the coolest pro anglers on tour – JT Kenney – quit pro fishing? JT and I hung out to shoot some video and talk about fishing and he revealed not only why he quit pro fishing but also the best secret lake for bass fishing in Florida right now!!!! Although he’s out of pro fishing from the tour level tournament standpoint he’s going to be announcing the new Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour!! Should be hilarious and insightful at the same time – not to mention quitting fishing tournaments means he’s going shoot a bunch of tips and techniques videos on his YouTube Channel JT Kenney Fishing!!!

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JT”s spinnerbaits

JT’s Mag Ned Rig

Awesome Grass Jig JT designed

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Ever wonder if Youtubers can beat pros at fishing in a punching challenge fishing tournament? The challenge is on punching for bass on Lake Rousseau against pro angler Glenn Browne and a former NFL football player Ellis vs Mikeybalzz Fishing and Chris of 44 Tackle! Punching is an awesome winter and spring technique for catching bass on their way to spawn in Florida. Heavy cover and heavy vegetation like hydrilla, milfoil, and hyacinth retain heat and offer a great hideout for fish as they stage up. Glenn is one of the masters at punching heavy cover and he used a 1.5oz tungsten weight a heavy Lews fishing rod and a new Lews fishing reel made specifically for punching spooled up with 65lbs braided fishing line.

This was an epic matchup versus some insane anglers and we had a ton of fun. The key pattern was targeting points and corners where fish were stacked up but tentative to bite until they were triggered by pumping the lure under the mat or suspending it.

This was a great highlight for the Gambler #GearUp PUNCHING ESSENTIALS box featuring Glenn’s picks of the must have punching lures when fishing heavy vegetation

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65lbs braided fishing line

1.5 oz tungsten HawgTech weight

Best weight stoppers

Crawdaddy punch bait

Burner Craw

My Costas

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