2 Things NO ONE Tells you About FROG FISHING

Frog fishing is some of the most fun you can have fishing for bass. That topwater pattern is insane! Frog fishing is a technique of patience though and placing your fishing lure where the bass live. Fishing frogs for bass requires a focus on cadence and there’s really 2 things that no tells you enough before you get out to the lake – don’t set the hook until you feel the fish, and don’t think about your cast with your fishing rod. Often times anglers set the hook early and tournament anglers will tell you that’s a big oops when it come to hollow body frogs. Also skipping the frog under bushes, under docks, and even casting it around heavy cover you need to not think to much otherwise you end up overthinking your cast. Whether you’re bank fishing, pond fishing or tournament fishing get out a frog – the warmer water temperatures and vegetation growth means fish are shallow and relating to cover – a perfect time to cast a frog!

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