In this video I catch a GIANT bass using a finesse fishing technique on a spinning rod – one crazy fight and teetered on the edge of scary! I was using a drop shot rig on a spinning or spin cast rod and reel with a small soft plastic worm (finesse).

My favorite finesse fishing rod

My Daiwa Spinining reel

Hook for a drop shot rig

Soft plastic worm (Roboworm)

Drop shot weight

Flourocarbon fishing line

My fish finder

The late summer and fall flipping punching bite is here and I need a new punching rod for fishing heavy cover for bass. So I asked my buddy Walt who is an expert fishing rod builder at Halo what he would recommend and what my bud JT Kenney uses for catching big fish in heavy cover. We are also doing a road trip to Wisconsin to fish for smallmouth and largemouth bass so I needed some other technique specific fishing rods to throw tubes and finesse fishing lures for finicky ultra clear water bass up north.

Punching rods for mats 7′ 11″ Heavy and Xtra Heavy

Spinning fishing rods for my road trip up north 7′ M and 7′ MH

Frog fishing rod 7’2″

Another frog fishing rod 7′ 3″ Daylite

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