Bass Fishing such an emotional sport that you hate to love it sometimes. Lake Okeechobee fishing for bass can have you on the lowest low and keep you there – it’s why I love it but struggle not to hate it when you hit a dry spell. This is the first vid of a collabo with youtuber Bass Quest and his family who came down from Lake Chickamauga to do some Lake Okeechobee Florida fishing and enjoy some beach time in South Florida! We managed to tap into some shad spawn fish and had a flat out good time horsing around and causing some shenanigans! Stay tuned though – community and Karma come thru on the last day for an ultimate punching for bass session on Lake Okeechobee that was INSANE!

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Want the stuff in the vids? Links below:

HC Swim Jig

EZ Swimmer swimbait

Ark 7’4″ Mag Heavy

Endurance 7’3″ Drop Shot Rod

50# Braid

Who doesn’t LIKE to fish for bass with topwater LURES? During the shad spawn there’s a few fishing lures that you need to have to catch bass. The crazy part is some of them are not even topwater baits but when you fish they focus on the surface of the water column! The shad spawn is when forage like shad spawn on grass or hard cover -just like bass in a way. It leads to a fish feeding frenzy during low light periods of the day. Thus you don’t get all day to target them and usually it’s just a small window in the morning when you get to the lake. On Lake Okeechobee the weird part is this spawn lasts all summer where as on most bodies of water it only occurs when the water is under 80 degrees.

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Want to know more about the baits in the video? They’re all linked below:

Spro Popping Frog

Buzzn Cane Toad

HC Swim Jig

Flappn Shad

EZ Swimmer Swimbait

Cashion 7’3″ fishing rod

Lightning 7′ MH fishing rod

When fishing for bass there are those times when things go CRAZY. If you like to fish for bass the shad spawn is one of the best times to fish hands down. Largemouth bass are eating reproducing shad in droves and targeting them can mean big fish and catching a lot of fish. Here are some keys though. On Lake Okeechobee it usually only happens during low light periods – sunrise, sunset, during overcast conditions – weather and sunlight is a high key to fishing this pattern. Here I’m targeting isolated grass patches near the main lake on Lake Okeechobee with fishing lures like a swim jig, Spro Poppin Frog , and almost any kind of topwater (see the bait list below). This is one fishing tip that needs to get out there because it can lead to catching a bunch of fish adn some big bass when you’re out on the lake or wherever you fish!

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Weather: summer, early morning, low light, 90+ degrees, partly sunny, light southeast breeze, FLORIDA!

Stuff used in the video:
Reel Shimano Curado


Camera – GoPro Hero 5 Black

Heavy Cover Swim Jig

Power Pro Braid

EZ Swimmer Swimbait

Spro Poppin Frog White

Powell Max 3d Casting Rods

Lapel mic

Re Fuel Gopro Battery – 6hrs of Action

SD Card for all day

Rode Mic

GoPro Shoulder Mount

i got some new toy’s to play with from d&m custom baits so i had some fun and took a few pics before i could get on the water – looking forward to mixing these things up with the fish.

punching jig
impact factor:  targeting sparse reeds to thicker reed heads as well as blind flipping hard grass bases (maidencane, cattails, bulrushes, etc.) as well as holes/pockets for bedding fish – the mat rat.
d&m custom baits flip n spin
impact factor: a bi-winning swim and pitch jig to cover the flats between reed heads as well as the tossing to cover, no need to switch rods – the flip’n spin.
d&m custom baits punch craw
little need be said about this classic, a mat machine that provides a streamlined body to slip thru the roof   without any hold-up. the punch craw delivers a hefty body in comparison to your average beaver-style baits however the cylindrical shape syncs perfectly with 1-2oz tungsten allowing for an ease of punching thru that is nothing but pleasantly surprising.
d&m custom baits mat rat
features/tweaks: line tie at the nose makes it more workable in grass. comes with a punch skirt style skirt however i like to experiement a bit with banded skirts as well. it seems the punch skirt is ideal in bang bang heavy cover flipping. for a little more subtlety and overall “flaring”, the banded skirts seem to hold the throne – the mat rat.
d&m custom baits flip 'n spin
doppelganger: try fishing the flip’n spin just as you would rip a trap around grass/wood.  the blade allows you to keep contact with the bait  and gives it a drag and vibration very comparable to a 3/4 oz lipless crank.  thread it up with a booted swimbait  or a grub and string-up with 30-50# braid.  make sure to rip it off the grass – treat it like a hard bait.

check out the whole line of d&m products at their website: