Who doesn’t LIKE to fish for bass with topwater LURES? During the shad spawn there’s a few fishing lures that you need to have to catch bass. The crazy part is some of them are not even topwater baits but when you fish they focus on the surface of the water column! The shad spawn is when forage like shad spawn on grass or hard cover -just like bass in a way. It leads to a fish feeding frenzy during low light periods of the day. Thus you don’t get all day to target them and usually it’s just a small window in the morning when you get to the lake. On Lake Okeechobee the weird part is this spawn lasts all summer where as on most bodies of water it only occurs when the water is under 80 degrees.

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Want to know more about the baits in the video? They’re all linked below:

Spro Popping Frog https://bit.ly/2NVMJH6

Buzzn Cane Toad https://bit.ly/2JsO2cV

HC Swim Jig https://bit.ly/2LhObVF

Flappn Shad https://bit.ly/2L2deN9

EZ Swimmer Swimbait https://bit.ly/2uDFU44

Cashion 7’3″ fishing rod https://bit.ly/2NgxmHO

Lightning 7′ MH fishing rod https://bit.ly/2LcvFhh


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