Is it worth it to buy the most expensive jerk bait fishing lure? The answer is yes. The Megabass Vision jerk baits are INSANE! On this clear water fishing trip to the lake I used them to target bass that were schooling on shad and suspending in ultra clear water and caught my biggest fish on the Vision 110! I throw it on a 7′ fishing rod with a moderate action made for crank bait fishing and use 12lbs flourocarbon fishing line. The lures are no doubt crazy expensive but imo totally worth it in the way they draw bites from fish that just don’t seem to be interested in any other fishing lure or jerk bait.

Funniest part of the day is I had to go on a polar swimming adventure because my bass boat drifted away from the boat ramp – water temp was a freezing winter 52!!!!! Always make sure you tie up your boat – don’t just rely on Power Poles!!!

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Winter fishing in Florida is probably the best time to fish for bass. Fish are eating for the spawn and also in a mode to feed up for the winter making fishing at it’s best. There’s a few fishing tips and techniques that seem to show off for huge fish this time of year and we highlight them in this video. From how to throw and umbrella rig and swimbaits to how to long line with crankbaits – I even lose a monstrous 9+lbs bass right at the boat!

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Went fishing for bass in Central Florida on a beautiful winter day and had an epic session on the water catching GIANT fish with my buddy Joey Berg of Dream Big Guided Tours. Ended up just over 30lbs with 5 fish caught on Alabama Rigs, Crankbaits, Drop Shotting, Neko Rigs – the whole gamut of fishing baits and soft plastic fishing lures. We also took some time to break down some fishing tips and techniques in the video to highlight some ways to catch more fish and be more efficient when you’re out on the lake.

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