In this video I begin the search for the perfect bass boat. We walkthrough the Triton TRX 20 with pro angler @JacobWallFishing a good friend and MLF Pro Circuit fisherman.

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HDS Live fish finder

Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor

Learn more about Triton Boats

You want to know how I store 1000 fishing lures, fishing rods, and fishing tackle I need to fish the southeast? This boat walk through highlights some changes, upgrades, cam mods, and the most epic fishing lure storage and tips going in to 2020. An updated boat walk thru showing how I try to keep the baits that I need, the power that I need, and the vids that you love flowing by modding my bass boat. We talk about my Battle Born Lithium Batteries and why it’s worth taking the leap. Also have a new Yolotek camera mod I built inspired by my old design as well as seeing how Flukemaster had his boat set up while I was on Lake Chickamauga. Finally the most important part how do you stay organized with so much fishing gear when you’re travelling – I got a few cool solutions to make your bass boat more efficient on the road.

Battle Born Batteries Yolotek Powerstick Boss naked jig heads Skirt kit to make your own jig skirts Spinnerbait and chatterbait box Crankbait and lure storage boxes Special shoutout to Rob Matsuura for filming this – check him out he’s an artist with the camera Subscribe: Inststagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: LIKE, SHARE, love to fish. #fishing #bassfishing #RealFishing #OG #fishinglure #fishingrod #mikeybalzzfishing #fishingwithnorm #kickintheirbass #tacticalbassin #sbfishingtv #lojofishing #hdslive #coldwater #winterfishing #walkthru #bassboat #mod #diy #tutorial

It’s time to update you about the awesome bass boat you helped me win from Uploaded Fishing last year! I’ve made some boat modifications, had some time to test out some equipment, and I’m ready to give you some updated feedback about the most epic thing I’ve ever won in my life!!! Not to mention, we threw in one of the funniest and most bizarre fishing stories I’ll ever have! Got some tackle organization tips, some diy bass boat mods, and some overall boat recommendations that hopefully will help you get your rig just a little bit more pimped out for bass fishing!

Boat – Triton TRX189 Mercury 150 ProXS

Links to some of the cool marine equipment and add ons:

Power Pole Blades (the expensive ones)

Lowrance Sonar

Rod covers for organization

Transducer Shield

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RAW, details -all the tweaks!!! The new Triton bass boat is ready and here’s the WALK THRU!!! We go into all the tweaks, changes and mods that I put it in to the boat, why they’re there and how they will be used out fishing for bass; as well as walk thru and highlight features the boat came equipped with that really stand out and make a difference out on the lake. I can’t wait to tell you guys everything about this rig and I”m even more excited to get it out on the water!

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Gear I put on the boat and fun stuff it came with!!!

Minn Kota Fortrex 112lbs

Power Pole Blades

You need this graph – Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon:


RAM Mount for front graph

Lowrance Elite Ti 9

Boat Buckle Rod Tie Down

Tool Caddy

Hot Foot

6″ Atlas Jack Plate

A walk through the new Triton BASS BOAT before all the mods and fishing tweaks we’ll be making to get her ready for her debut out on the lake. This boat is rigged up already with power poles, a jack plate, a bunch of accesories – but I’m going deck it out exactly the way I want to fish it. Also need some advice on both the boat and looking for a new truck to do some mini adventures to shoot video fishing for a few days here and there.

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Stay tuned for more of my experiences, successes, and failures 🙂 out on the water!!!

I finally picked up my new bass boat and I can’t wait to get it fishing! We had the maiden voyage and got to see underwater bass on our trip to pick up the boat in North Central Florida. It’s all getting real! We passed through Silver Springs to pick it up and got some see some epic fish underwater on glass bottomed boats! So the new boat is home and the next step is to get her rigged out to be a fishing machine! Stay tuned! You won’t see her in the vids right away but I’ll keep you updated as the process unfolds and no doubt we’ll be shooting a boat walk thru vid once she’s all ready for the water! Gotta send a big thanks out to you guys for making this happen and a shout out to Shaye Baker and Uploaded Fishing for putting on such a huge contest for us average YouTube anglers who are trying to share our passion and #RealFishing on the web!!

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