It’s time to update you about the awesome bass boat you helped me win from Uploaded Fishing last year! I’ve made some boat modifications, had some time to test out some equipment, and I’m ready to give you some updated feedback about the most epic thing I’ve ever won in my life!!! Not to mention, we threw in one of the funniest and most bizarre fishing stories I’ll ever have! Got some tackle organization tips, some diy bass boat mods, and some overall boat recommendations that hopefully will help you get your rig just a little bit more pimped out for bass fishing!

Boat – Triton TRX189 Mercury 150 ProXS

Links to some of the cool marine equipment and add ons:

Power Pole Blades (the expensive ones) https://bit.ly/2Vys1AI

Lowrance Sonar https://bit.ly/2riGHGr

Rod covers for organization https://bit.ly/2H2Ad9c

Transducer Shield https://www.transducershieldandsaver.com/

NEW Mikeybalzz FISHING Floral Hats and Performance SHIRT – GET ONE!!! https://bit.ly/2S9rkex

Fishing lures, fishing rods, fishing reels, all the gear https://bit.ly/2Mdwtns

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