Are you sick of your basic fishing lures and tackle costing way too much? I figured out the cheapest way to go jig fishing with high quality super customized jigs and it’s an easy DIY Mod from Tackle Warehouse. Pick your jigs, head style, weight, then get the skirt making kit we talked about in a prior video and make your own custom skirts – no one else will have the same jig as you and you’ll be amazed how much more confidence you fish your jig with.

We also do an unboxing of new Tackle Warehouse baits I picked up for late summer and fall frog fishing and grass fishing out on the lake. I’m excited to learn more about jigs going into fall fishing – it’s the perfect time to try out this technique as well as have a shot at catching some big bass on them.

Drop a comment and tell me your favorite lure pick or a tip about that lure for the Bass Attitude shirt!!!

My favorite frog for grass fishing

Best expensive flourocarbon

War Eagle Painted Blade Spinnerbait

Finesse Jacob Wheeler Buzzbait

Roboworm drop shot plastic worm

Damiki Stinger

Lucky Craft Topwater Lure

Jig trailer chunk

Drop Shot Weights

Best bobber stoppers

Boss Jig heads

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The first Gambler Gear Up fishing package is out and I got my hands on one early! It includes 14 bags of Gambler fishing baits all selected by pro angler JT Kenney as well as a 5 Liter Gambler Tek Dry Bag and a Gambler Buff.

Want yours? Get it here:

I go through and look at the colors and bait styles incorporated in the package. I also look at some of the fishing techniques and applications I use these types of baits for. I like JT Kenney and really agree with his fishing bait picks especially if you’re looking to simplify what kinds of plastics you have with you for fishing a range of lakes and bodies of water. These are the right colors and the right styles to do anything from fish shallow grass to targeting offshore bass.