May ~ Gambler Gear Up Unboxing ~ JT Kenney’s Fishing Gear Picks

The first Gambler Gear Up fishing package is out and I got my hands on one early! It includes 14 bags of Gambler fishing baits all selected by pro angler JT Kenney as well as a 5 Liter Gambler Tek Dry Bag and a Gambler Buff.

Want yours? Get it here:

I go through and look at the colors and bait styles incorporated in the package. I also look at some of the fishing techniques and applications I use these types of baits for. I like JT Kenney and really agree with his fishing bait picks especially if you’re looking to simplify what kinds of plastics you have with you for fishing a range of lakes and bodies of water. These are the right colors and the right styles to do anything from fish shallow grass to targeting offshore bass.