In this video I debunk some of the things that companies don’t want to tell you about a ned rig + some underwater footage to show you what I’m talking about. The standard for the Ned Rig Fishing technique is a Z-Man TRD Elaztech plastic however there are a lot of soft plastic worms you can use on a ned rig or mag ned rig technique that work and often times work better!

Power Ned Rig Jig

JT Mag Ned

Fat Ace Stick Bait

5″ Ace Stick Bait



Z-Man TRD Crawz

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I finally picked up my new bass boat and I can’t wait to get it fishing! We had the maiden voyage and got to see underwater bass on our trip to pick up the boat in North Central Florida. It’s all getting real! We passed through Silver Springs to pick it up and got some see some epic fish underwater on glass bottomed boats! So the new boat is home and the next step is to get her rigged out to be a fishing machine! Stay tuned! You won’t see her in the vids right away but I’ll keep you updated as the process unfolds and no doubt we’ll be shooting a boat walk thru vid once she’s all ready for the water! Gotta send a big thanks out to you guys for making this happen and a shout out to Shaye Baker and Uploaded Fishing for putting on such a huge contest for us average YouTube anglers who are trying to share our passion and #RealFishing on the web!!

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