In this video I show you how to fish a jig for a bass and rig up a cheat rig – a wacky rigged football jig for fishing cover and structure. Most anglers use a creature bait, a chunk, or a craw lure on the backs of their jigs so rigging something different is a way to trigger more bass to eat your lure. The wacky jig is a lure that is perfect for clear water and catching fish accustomed to seeing standard jig fishing presentations.

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There is seriously 1 bait that can catch fish no matter if you’re fishing a lake, bank fishing, even spillway fishing. It is probably one of the most versatile soft plastic lures ever created for fishing and this weeks video theme is back to basics so we are going to break down 4 techniques you can use with a Senko style fishing lures. If I were to have one soft plastic worm in my boat for late winter and early spring fishing this would be it. I think as anglers sometimes we forget how versatile it is and all the rigging and technique options you have to fish them. In this video we go through the Texas Rig, wacky rig, ned rig, and weightless Texas Rig.

Fishing Rods, baits, and terminal tackle we talked about in the videos: 5″ Ace Stick Worm 6″ Ace Stick Worm Ned Rig Jig head Wacky rig jig Texas Rig Hook Options and Tungsten Weights for Texas Rig My fishing rod for all around stick bait fishing – ned rig, weightless skipping, wacky rig, and texas rig Inststagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: LIKE, SHARE, love to fish. #fishing #bassfishing #RealFishing #OG #fishinglure #fishingrod #mikeybalzzfishing #fishingwithnorm #kickintheirbass #tacticalbassin #sbfishingtv #lojofishing #hdslive #coldwater #winterfishing #springfishing #softplasticworm #senko #rig #bait If you love Bog make sure to LIKE this VID!

We all have our confidence fishing lures but there is one way to rig and fish a plastic worm that by far is my FAVORITE!!! WACKY RIGGING is to bass what candy is to humans. I don’t know why but rigging a soft plastic worm like a stick bait or finesse worm wacky style just draws fish to bite – and not just little bass but big ones as well. It’s a subtle technique where the hook is placed through the middle of the worm to create a flexing type motion when twitched with the fishing rod. It’s not just a finesse fishing technique either, I wacky rig giant worms when Neko Rigging for trophy bass in Florida as well.

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There are few techniques for bass fishing in summer that I love as much as this one. The NEKO RIG has caught me so man fish in the hot summer months it’s INSANE. It’s such a simple technique and basically allows you to deliver a wacky rigged fishing lure at depths bass normally don’t see such a rig. The other reason I love this technique is it catches small fish up to mondo huge bass! It’s perfect for clear to moderately stained water and in most situations should be fished where you find open hard bottom. Not a lure you want to throw into heavy cover but more geared for targeting pods or schools of fish setup on offshore structure. We break down the 3 soft plastic baits I use, the terminal tackle, how to set up the Neko Rig, and what types of fishing rods work best to fish the Neko Rig.

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