There are few techniques for bass fishing in summer that I love as much as this one. The NEKO RIG has caught me so man fish in the hot summer months it’s INSANE. It’s such a simple technique and basically allows you to deliver a wacky rigged fishing lure at depths bass normally don’t see such a rig. The other reason I love this technique is it catches small fish up to mondo huge bass! It’s perfect for clear to moderately stained water and in most situations should be fished where you find open hard bottom. Not a lure you want to throw into heavy cover but more geared for targeting pods or schools of fish setup on offshore structure. We break down the 3 soft plastic baits I use, the terminal tackle, how to set up the Neko Rig, and what types of fishing rods work best to fish the Neko Rig.

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Want to try this fishing technique? Everything you need to set up a Neko Rig is right here:

Fat Ace and 7″ Fat Ace https://bit.ly/2JSwAPc

Mag Trick Worm https://bit.ly/2LmaPx6

Ark spinning fishing rod https://bit.ly/2LMFKyM

Shimano Zodias fishing rod https://bit.ly/2JNJmhX

Damiki Neko Sinker https://bit.ly/2A2xXv0

Owner Hook 3/0 https://bit.ly/2mIPVcN

Flourocarbon fishing line 12lbs or 10lbs https://bit.ly/2LyY3aj

Braid for spinning setup 14lbs https://bit.ly/2LkWila

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