GoPro Hero 2 Setup

the o face

aerial bass action
you see it – but until you stop it you really don’t get the full feel

as many of you know i bumped up to HD a few months back to do all my on-the-water recording.  i’ve been absolutely stoked with the results and i’ve been getting pretty good feedback re: the new look as well.

as of now i’m running 2 GoPro Hero 2’s – one is on a set on a solo pod in the back of the boat (photo album of solo pod and mount) while the 2nd has a more mobile life on a GoPro Suction Cup Mount with a  homemade safety harness.  for those of you wondering, it takes 4-5 batteries per camera to get thru an 8-10hr day (a cheaper equal quality solution to the GoPro proprietary batteries is the Wasabi Power Battery and Charger Kit – comes with 2 batteries as well as a charger which can be huge when you’re headed out consecutive days).

awesome bass aerial
you got something in your mauf…

for storage i’ve also found a reasonable quality/reasonable price tag solution: SanDisk Ultra 32 GB SDHC Class 10.  i have 2 32gb cards per camera that provide 8-12hrs of total capture depending on your video setting and the real highlight with the Ultra model is that it is water and temp resistant (essential for the FL when it can be wet, hot, swampy, cold, etc).

the best part about this whole deal is that i can finally capture action photos from my video stream.  the standard def just didn’t cut the resolution-cake to provide reasonable quality images when pulled from clips…. the GoPro Hero 2 does however.  enjoy some sick aerial pics and a look in at my :0 face….

schoolie fish in the air
sweet aerial action pulled from a schoolie vid stream