Making Bass Bite

Moving into post spawn can be hit or miss fishing.  Especially with fish moving towards deeper water my experience has been you’re either catching dinks or you’re on a mega bag.   That has a lot to do with the attitude of the fish – they’re beat up they’re done spawning but at the same time temps are stabilizing and the weather is starting to push those fish towards their summer haunts.

One thing I’ve struggled with is getting bigger fish to bite during this period even though I can often see them down there on my graph relating to wood or hard bottom spots as well as bottom contours.

When this happens – and it’s usually after I’ve tried dragging a big Gambler Lures worm, a football jig with an O Beast or a Mega Daddy, even drop shotting Roboworms – I’ve found going to the opposite end of the spectrum can light them up.

So what does that mean?  It means throwing big fast moving baits that move a bunch of water and fly by the fish forcing them to pull the trigger on biting. My go to are crankbaits like the 10XD and the 6xd and I like to toss it at hard targets – wood, shell, any isolated target.

Words can only go so far – check out what I’m talking about in the vid: