This is CHEATING!!! FROG fishing LAKE OKEECHOBEE BASS tournament practice

It feels like cheating to catch bass on Lake Okeechobee with a topwater frog like this! I’m practicing for a big fishing tournament on the lake and this is the first of a few vids capturing the experience running up to tournament day. Pre fishing, looking for bass, testing lures, it’s all here and today was an insane start! The frog fishing was on fire! I even caught a HUGE bass on my modified mag ned rig casting to sticks and isolated cover in a super shallow bay on the lake. These are all just pieces of the puzzle for anglers and the process is about building confidence and executing on tournament day – catching the right bass to take away the win! Aside from all that tournament fishing provides a great sense of community and you get to meet the diversity of anglers on the water, learning throughout the entire process.

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Gear and baits in the vid:

Cashion Casting Rod 7′ 3″

Hollow Bodied Frog

Ned Head Mod Jig 5/16oz

7″ Fat Ace cut down for Ned Rig

Flourocarbon 18lbs

50# Braid

Sun Gloves

Face Shield