This is one technique I love for tournament fishing on Lake Okeechobee. We just fished bass fishing tournament and we had a one in a million clutch finish! By the end of the day we won a 2nd place finish against some of the best anglers on the lake. The Roland Martin Marine Series is the biggest fishing tournament on the lake and a first place finish in that derby is huge. The last few events we’ve struggled and our tournament finishes have not been what we were hoping for – but that’s why I love this lake. It’s so dynamic the bass fishing can absolutely go off in a matter of minutes!

Tournament fishing is always a challenge but when it comes together it’s insane. This video runs through a recap and reliving of the punching and tournament strategies we used during the derby. Fishing lures, Texas Rig setup and knot, and lake pattern factors.

Want the gear, fishing rods, and fishing lures in the video?

65lbs braided fishing line

Mega Daddy Craw

Hawg Tech Tungsten Punch Weights

Best bobber stoppers

EZ Swimmer swimbait

Ark Invoker punching fishing rod 7’6″ Heavy

Z Man Chatterbait

My Costas

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