DON’T let the PROS LIE to you about Spring Crankbait Fishing (Harris Chain Tournament Practice)

The reality is pro anglers – especially tournament anglers are often pitching lies about how they fish, what lures they fish, and more. Don’t let the pros lie to you about spring crankbait fishing! In this video we do some tournament practice on the Harris Chain of Lakes – the sight of the Bassmaster and upcoming Major League Fishing Tournament.

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Booyah One Knocker Crankbait

My lipless crankbait rod 7’2″ MH

Good flourocarbon fishing line for crankbaits

My HDS Live Graph

Z Man Chatterbait

New Gambler Chatterbait Trailer (Komodo)

Shimano SLX

Classic lipless crankbait Strike King Red Eye Shad

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