Chatterbaits catch bass – so how do you make the perfect custom chatterbait? In this vid I show you how to build a chatterbait with just a couple tackle components from Tackle Warehouse. The D&M Custom Baits Pirahna is the first bladed swim jig I fished and it has a slightly different movement and vibration than a Z Man Evergreen or Jackhammer. If you’re fishing a lake that gets a lot of blade bait pressure, this is a diy build you need to try fishing.

How to fish a chatterbait? I use a 7’2″ MH Kryptonite fishing rod and a 7:2:1 fishing reel. Depending on cover I’ll fish it on 40-50lbs braided fishing line or 18lbs flourocarbon

Want to build your own custom chatterbait? Here are the fishing lure parts we used:

D&M Custom Baits Piranha Swim Jig

Chatterbait parts

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I hung out with Jacob Wall (FLW FISHING PRO) and we talked about insane chatterbait tweaks and mods that anyone can do and we walk thru a discussion of different ways to tweak the lure, different colors to use and why when fishing for bass. How do you tweak your chatterbait? What kid of DIY mods do you do to catch more fish? Drop them down in the comments box!

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Fishing lures, fishing rods, and the skirt making kit from Tackle Warehouse:

My Chatterbait fishing rod 7′ 2″ MH

Skirt Kit for making your own chatterbait kits

Flourocaron for chatterbait fishing

My Costas

Insane Chatterbait

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