You want to know how I store 1000 fishing lures, fishing rods, and fishing tackle I need to fish the southeast? This boat walk through highlights some changes, upgrades, cam mods, and the most epic fishing lure storage and tips going in to 2020. An updated boat walk thru showing how I try to keep the baits that I need, the power that I need, and the vids that you love flowing by modding my bass boat. We talk about my Battle Born Lithium Batteries and why it’s worth taking the leap. Also have a new Yolotek camera mod I built inspired by my old design as well as seeing how Flukemaster had his boat set up while I was on Lake Chickamauga. Finally the most important part how do you stay organized with so much fishing gear when you’re travelling – I got a few cool solutions to make your bass boat more efficient on the road.

Battle Born Batteries Yolotek Powerstick Boss naked jig heads Skirt kit to make your own jig skirts Spinnerbait and chatterbait box Crankbait and lure storage boxes Special shoutout to Rob Matsuura for filming this – check him out he’s an artist with the camera Subscribe: Inststagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: LIKE, SHARE, love to fish. #fishing #bassfishing #RealFishing #OG #fishinglure #fishingrod #mikeybalzzfishing #fishingwithnorm #kickintheirbass #tacticalbassin #sbfishingtv #lojofishing #hdslive #coldwater #winterfishing #walkthru #bassboat #mod #diy #tutorial

We went to Lake Guntersville to go fishing and stopped at GTO and Paul the owner revealed to us the most realistic fishing lure I have ever seen! It is a jig angler’s dream when it comes to crawfish!!! Paul also gave us a winter fishing report of the lake and recommended some fishing lures and baits including Alabama Rigs, jigs, and swimbaits to use to catch big bass in cold water. We went out fishing and used some of Paul’s tips but ended up having to get insanely finesse to catch fish using a Mega Bass Vision 110 jerkbait around points and in creek pockets where we found bait balls and shad.

If you get the chance visit GTO right next to Lake Guntersville and tell Paul Mikeybalzz sent you!!! Follow GTO—Sporting-Goods-Company/Guntersville-Tackle-and-Outdoors-335712143261832/ What baits did we use out on the water? Tackle HD Hi Def Craw The best jerkbait ever Megabass Vision 110 Best flourocarbon fishing line My Costa sunglasses Inststagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: LIKE, SHARE, love to fish. #fishing #bassfishing #RealFishing #OG #fishinglure #fishingrod #mikeybalzzfishing #fishingwithnorm #kickintheirbass #tacticalbassin #sbfishingtv #lojofishing #hdslive #coldwater #winterfishing #swimbait #arig #tackleshop #baitshop #realistic #jigfishing #lakeguntersville

There is nothing for fun for an angler than exploring a fishing tackle store! We walk thru GTO – Guntersville Tackle and Outdoors just down the street from Lake Guntersville. Paul the owner is stocked up with Gambler stuff for the upcoming free tournament September 28th and there’s also a bunch of cool local fishing lures! One of the most interesting things I found was a topwater chopper lure I’ve never seen before from Jackall and a Megabass Big M 4.0 Crankbaits, a monster squarebill crankbait which I can’t wait to try out grass fishing!

Want to know more about GTO?

Gambler Free Tournament Lake Guntersville

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Shoot Video, Fish – do what you love.

Now that we’re back in Florida we took an adventure to the Gambler Lures warehouse and broke in to steal some fishing lures and finally caught up with Val and asked him some questions about where the swimbait design came from and what got him in to fishing and Gambler Lures in the first place.

Now that we’re in Florida we’ll be shooting a bunch of vids on Lake Okeechobee, Lake Kissimee, maybe Stick Marsh and all the deep water fisheries. Winter is the best time of year to fish Florida because bass are staging up to spawn and eating a ton!!!! Not to mention winter temps in the mid 70’s. If we get a warm spell we may even be able to do some sight fishing!!!!

Interested in the baits we showed off when we broke in to the warehouse? Find them at Tackle Warehouse!!!!

Killer punching creature bait – Stinger

Giggy Head shakey head

Meano underspin fishing lure

Mega Daddy craw lure

Magnum stick bait

Awesome drop shot finesse bait

Best mat punching bait

Been catching a lot of fish cranking of late… catching as well as losing a lot of bass on them.

The vid above really emphasizes the focus you have to put on equipment and terminal tackle when  you’re trying to closing the deal on crank bait fish.  It’s been a learning experience and in the end there’s no 100% land-rate way around crankbait fishing especially deep cranking;  but factors like changing out your hooks to Mustad KVD Short Shanks and going with a high quality, low stretch, low diameter flourocarbon like Sunline FC Sniper as well.  On 6XD style baits I’ll go with straight 10lbs test however when going up to 10XD sized baits I’ll use 12-14lbs.

Another big key when deep cranking has been equipment.  When throwing cranks like the Strike King 6XD, 10XD, and other so called “mag-diving” cranks the right rod is essential.  Your standard 7′ composite stick just doesn’t cut it anymore on baits that can run, casted, to almost 27′.This kind of cranking takes a longer beefier rod.  On 6XD’s and 8XD’s or baits that run down to 21-22ft up to 1.25oz I run a Powell Max 3D 804 CB.  When going up to the gigantic stuff like a 10XD or greater I’ll turn to a Powell Max 3D 7115 CB.  Both rods offer a bit more beef but still a moderate classic cranking style action to allow the fish to do the work when hooking up.

Reels are pretty simple.  I like my Shimano Stuff such as the Casitas,  Curado I, or Chronarch reels.  Speeds are key; on 6XD style baits a standard  6:2:1 is what I opt for so I can get the bait down quick and retrieve the bait fairly quickly.  On the 10XD however I do go for a slower reel – something like a 5:2:1.  The added power helps crank that beast down and also keeps it down.

Not all of the best quality – but I think they get their point across!  Below you’ll find a vid collection of the “slounches”  from the past 3 years:

10 pounder caught flipping punch skirts pre-front on Lake Okeechobee – popped among 3 guide boats.  D&M Punch Skirt and Flippin’ Craw paired with a 1oz tungsten weight.

Probably one of the 2 biggest fish I’ve ever  caught – only bite that day on Rodman Res., water temp never broke 55 degrees.  3/4oz Red Eye Shad.

A better look at the above fish.

Lucky to have gotten this girl to the boat – instant anti-reverse went out on the reel but she stayed buttoned after a flopped hook set.  Flipping mats with a 1 1/2oz tungsten weight in North Central, FL.

No doubt the most audiologically pronounced giant to ever make contact with me – this fish made the boat shake and probably ingested 2 full gallons of water to take the bait in.  Rage Tail Shad – weightless.

First pure giant on Lake Okeechobee after the move south.  Pre-spawn staging fish tucked in the mats – post-front and she still thunked it on the way down.  1 1/2oz  D&M Custom Baits Big Mama

Among some of the oldest vids I have – never saw her but I assume this girl was on a bed and I simply placed the bait in the right hole in the grass.  1/2oz lead and a Zoom Ultra-Vibe Craw.

Another oldy but goody – caught 3 in the 8-10lbs class in 2 consecutive days.  Flipping a 1/2oz lead weight and Zoom Ultra-Vibe Craw.

Sadly the I ran out of juice for the catch on this fish but was able to at least get a vid image of her – absolutely dogged me.  Pulled a 15′ jon boat straight into the grass like it was nothing.  1/2oz lead Gambler Lil’ Otter.