Now that we’re back in Florida we took an adventure to the Gambler Lures warehouse and broke in to steal some fishing lures and finally caught up with Val and asked him some questions about where the swimbait design came from and what got him in to fishing and Gambler Lures in the first place.

Now that we’re in Florida we’ll be shooting a bunch of vids on Lake Okeechobee, Lake Kissimee, maybe Stick Marsh and all the deep water fisheries. Winter is the best time of year to fish Florida because bass are staging up to spawn and eating a ton!!!! Not to mention winter temps in the mid 70’s. If we get a warm spell we may even be able to do some sight fishing!!!!

Interested in the baits we showed off when we broke in to the warehouse? Find them at Tackle Warehouse!!!!

Killer punching creature bait – Stinger https://bit.ly/2NuYvay

Giggy Head shakey head https://bit.ly/2EBPMBT

Meano underspin fishing lure https://bit.ly/2Sawjfn

Mega Daddy craw lure https://bit.ly/2MmYMzU

Magnum stick bait https://bit.ly/2JSwAPc

Awesome drop shot finesse bait https://bit.ly/2FrPGyP

Best mat punching bait https://bit.ly/2PVlJXJ