Giant Bass Vid Archive

Posted: October 1, 2012 in fishing video blog
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Not all of the best quality – but I think they get their point across!  Below you’ll find a vid collection of the “slounches”  from the past 3 years:

10 pounder caught flipping punch skirts pre-front on Lake Okeechobee – popped among 3 guide boats.  D&M Punch Skirt and Flippin’ Craw paired with a 1oz tungsten weight.

Probably one of the 2 biggest fish I’ve ever  caught – only bite that day on Rodman Res., water temp never broke 55 degrees.  3/4oz Red Eye Shad.

A better look at the above fish.

Lucky to have gotten this girl to the boat – instant anti-reverse went out on the reel but she stayed buttoned after a flopped hook set.  Flipping mats with a 1 1/2oz tungsten weight in North Central, FL.

No doubt the most audiologically pronounced giant to ever make contact with me – this fish made the boat shake and probably ingested 2 full gallons of water to take the bait in.  Rage Tail Shad – weightless.

First pure giant on Lake Okeechobee after the move south.  Pre-spawn staging fish tucked in the mats – post-front and she still thunked it on the way down.  1 1/2oz  D&M Custom Baits Big Mama

Among some of the oldest vids I have – never saw her but I assume this girl was on a bed and I simply placed the bait in the right hole in the grass.  1/2oz lead and a Zoom Ultra-Vibe Craw.

Another oldy but goody – caught 3 in the 8-10lbs class in 2 consecutive days.  Flipping a 1/2oz lead weight and Zoom Ultra-Vibe Craw.

Sadly the I ran out of juice for the catch on this fish but was able to at least get a vid image of her – absolutely dogged me.  Pulled a 15′ jon boat straight into the grass like it was nothing.  1/2oz lead Gambler Lil’ Otter.

  1. bass2bucks says:

    Mike, that one toad that popped that topwater you were throwing was a beast! talk about an explosion! Im gonna be in weston this weekend hit me up if youll be around we can catch a pile of fish sunday.

    • yeah man i about jumped out of the boat when that thing came up – my boat at the time only had a trolling motor and it was one of my first times out with it like that – needless to say that made the day! dude i’m both days out of clewiston man and i’m fishing a little open thing with my buddy on sunday…you staying down or is this just a brief stop?

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