You don’t expect to meet a celebrity when you go TROPHY bass fishing. BUT WE DID!!!! Guess who? And then I catch my biggest bass of 2019 – a PB throwing one of my favorite fishing rigs for bass, a Mag Ned Rig! We went to fish a private lake with my friend Charlie and I had one goal, catch a PB bass. After we met Lunker Louie – a master angler that catches giant bass on lakes like Istapoga. He’s a celebrity in bass fishing who has a ton of Trophy Catch Florida bass as well as appeared on shows like a Fishing Story.

2 techniques that we used to catch fish were a Mag Ned Rig – this time with a weedless jig and a stick bait. Charlie used a Hollow body swimbait on a lead head jig swimming it over the bottom and over lake structures in 10-14ft of water.

Want the baits, fishing rods, and fishing lures in the video?

Mag Ned Jig for heavy cover

Stick Bait for Mag Ned

Best Swimbait Jig Head

Hollow Body Swimbait 7″

My Costas

Check out Lunker Louie

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an unforgettable day captured by gopro fishing the florida everglades.  with the water low fish push out into the last remaining deep water – i.e. the canals; and it can make for a big bass smash.  it’s not about catching them, it’s more about catching the biggest ones you possibly can.  best 5 went around 37lbs all caught on magnum baits – D&M Custom Baits Flippin Craw and 1/2oz Reins Tungsten.

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This is the first real brushpile I found deeper than 10′ when I started focusing offshore this past May. Was struggling on Okeechobee and other shallow lakes and needed a change of pace and a look at something new. Decided to focus on offshore fishing in some of the medium sized natural lakes in central FL.  After having a day like this and seeing what my graph looked like when I found the pile, I was pretty much hooked.  Really dig the “high risk, high reward” style fishing.  You go  out, look, look, and look some more having faith that at some point you’ll find the mother load and catch them in 30 minutes.  It’s a whole different style of “grind”.

the world is tiny – which is cool – and most people like to fish.


my best friend came down from Wisconsin for what’s becoming an annual 3 day peacock fishing trip in the mixed bag junkyards of the Miami airport canals.  among one of the evenings of crown and coke mixed with peacock footage we found it necessary to re-up on pop-r’s and rapala x-raps which the fish had simply been shredding.  made the trip down to my local dick’s sporting goods and grabbed what we needed.  as we were about to check out a guy comes up to me and asks “hey are you mikeybalzz….” – i was sort of shocked; in a metropolitan county of nearly 2 million people a dude recognized me from the vids on youtube ahhahahahah!

pieter's big bass on lake okeechobee
big toad special – “fish was just there…” (got it in on vid too, look for it on youtube in next month)

chance has a funny way of shaping things.  we ended up talking a bit and I told Pieter  – who fished a lot of the canals down here in south florida that we’d hit The Lake one weekend.  well, we hit The Lake a few weeks later – and things couldn’t have worked out more perfectly, got a taste of a monsoon and a drink of this 7+lbs truck on a buzzin toad!