most people like to fish

the world is tiny – which is cool – and most people like to fish.


my best friend came down from Wisconsin for what’s becoming an annual 3 day peacock fishing trip in the mixed bag junkyards of the Miami airport canals.  among one of the evenings of crown and coke mixed with peacock footage we found it necessary to re-up on pop-r’s and rapala x-raps which the fish had simply been shredding.  made the trip down to my local dick’s sporting goods and grabbed what we needed.  as we were about to check out a guy comes up to me and asks “hey are you mikeybalzz….” – i was sort of shocked; in a metropolitan county of nearly 2 million people a dude recognized me from the vids on youtube ahhahahahah!

pieter's big bass on lake okeechobee
big toad special – “fish was just there…” (got it in on vid too, look for it on youtube in next month)

chance has a funny way of shaping things.  we ended up talking a bit and I told Pieter  – who fished a lot of the canals down here in south florida that we’d hit The Lake one weekend.  well, we hit The Lake a few weeks later – and things couldn’t have worked out more perfectly, got a taste of a monsoon and a drink of this 7+lbs truck on a buzzin toad!