You don’t expect to meet a celebrity when you go TROPHY bass fishing. BUT WE DID!!!! Guess who? And then I catch my biggest bass of 2019 – a PB throwing one of my favorite fishing rigs for bass, a Mag Ned Rig! We went to fish a private lake with my friend Charlie and I had one goal, catch a PB bass. After we met Lunker Louie – a master angler that catches giant bass on lakes like Istapoga. He’s a celebrity in bass fishing who has a ton of Trophy Catch Florida bass as well as appeared on shows like a Fishing Story.

2 techniques that we used to catch fish were a Mag Ned Rig – this time with a weedless jig and a stick bait. Charlie used a Hollow body swimbait on a lead head jig swimming it over the bottom and over lake structures in 10-14ft of water.

Want the baits, fishing rods, and fishing lures in the video?

Mag Ned Jig for heavy cover https://bit.ly/2EmLHB6

Stick Bait for Mag Ned https://bit.ly/2JSwAPc

Best Swimbait Jig Head https://bit.ly/2T9IbSS

Hollow Body Swimbait 7″ https://bit.ly/2SQzE7V

My Costas https://bit.ly/2np9aZ4

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