Frog fishing is some of the most fun you can have fishing for bass. That topwater pattern is insane! Frog fishing is a technique of patience though and placing your fishing lure where the bass live. Fishing frogs for bass requires a focus on cadence and there’s really 2 things that no tells you enough before you get out to the lake – don’t set the hook until you feel the fish, and don’t think about your cast with your fishing rod. Often times anglers set the hook early and tournament anglers will tell you that’s a big oops when it come to hollow body frogs. Also skipping the frog under bushes, under docks, and even casting it around heavy cover you need to not think to much otherwise you end up overthinking your cast. Whether you’re bank fishing, pond fishing or tournament fishing get out a frog – the warmer water temperatures and vegetation growth means fish are shallow and relating to cover – a perfect time to cast a frog!

Want to know more about the fishing lures, fishing rods, and bass tackle in the vids? My light frog fishing rod 7′ 2″ MH My heavy frog fishing rod 7′ 3″ H Favorite topwater frog Braided fishing line for frog fishing The other topwater frog (Jackall Kaera) I was fishing My lake contour map My Costas New Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and Support #RealFishing!!! Subscribe: Inststagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: LIKE, SHARE, love to fish. #fishing #bassfishing #RealFishing #OG #fishinglure #fishingrod #mikeybalzzfishing #rescuedog #pitbull #fishingwithnorm #kickintheirbass #tacticalbassin #sbfishingtv #lojofishing #hdslive #springfishing #inthistogether #frogfishing #tournamentfishing #mlf #topwater #bankfishing #pondfishing #spawn If you love Bog make sure to LIKE this VID!

I love frog fishing and topwater fishing but I have never fished a topwater lure just like a frog on top for bass! We found some fish in super shallow water in the backs of creeks. The water was pretty clear and the fish were chaising big baitfish up onto the bank. We started off fishing a Jacob Wheeler buzzbait but as the sun rose the fish never totally committed to it so we had to modify our topwater technique to be more subtle and literally start fishing the lure just like a frog. I could actually see the fish in the clearer water swimming off the bank and staying under the lure and starring at it until they were triggered by a small twitch after letting it sit floating for 5-10 seconds. The technique involved a walk the dog style topwater on braided fishing line and a medium heavy fishing rod. You’ve got to make long casts very near to cover in the backs of creeks targeting where the bank flattens out and often you’ll see the fish or bait fish (shad, herring, and bluegill) swimming around. Then walk the bait in slow twitches and long pauses just like fishing a floating frog – the biggest tip is to let the bait sit without moving for long periods of time.

Want the topwater lures, fishing rods, and fishing reels we were using? My fishing reel Shimano SLX My rod for the Jacob Wheeler buzzbait 7′ 2″ MH Fishing line – 30lbs braid Topwater lure to fish like a frog – Lucky Craft Gunfish Topwater and crankbait clips My C Map lake map My new Lowrance Ghost trolling motor Mikeybalzz hats and shirts Jacob Wheeler Buzzbait SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and Support #RealFishing!!! Subscribe: Inststagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: LIKE, SHARE, love to fish. #fishing #bassfishing #RealFishing #OG #fishinglure #fishingrod #mikeybalzzfishing #rescuedog #pitbull #fishingwithnorm #kickintheirbass #tacticalbassin #sbfishingtv #lojofishing #hdslive #springfishing #topwater #frogfishing #jacobwheeler #buzzbait #never #shimano #withme If you love Bog make sure to LIKE this VID!

Who doesn’t LIKE to fish for bass with topwater LURES? During the shad spawn there’s a few fishing lures that you need to have to catch bass. The crazy part is some of them are not even topwater baits but when you fish they focus on the surface of the water column! The shad spawn is when forage like shad spawn on grass or hard cover -just like bass in a way. It leads to a fish feeding frenzy during low light periods of the day. Thus you don’t get all day to target them and usually it’s just a small window in the morning when you get to the lake. On Lake Okeechobee the weird part is this spawn lasts all summer where as on most bodies of water it only occurs when the water is under 80 degrees.

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Want to know more about the baits in the video? They’re all linked below:

Spro Popping Frog

Buzzn Cane Toad

HC Swim Jig

Flappn Shad

EZ Swimmer Swimbait

Cashion 7’3″ fishing rod

Lightning 7′ MH fishing rod

probably the most fun i’ve had in a long time out on the lake. hanging out with my boy, the girl netting fish (she even caught one…cause i made her hahahah), and schools of bass on an absolute tear running thru shad schools.

bait selection: walk the dog type baits, poppers, alabama rig

tackle: 7′ MH berkely lightning rod, shimano citica 6:2:1, 50# braid