There are a few fishing lures that I have supreme confidence in when fishing for 10 pound plus bass on some of the trophy fishing lakes in Florida. They are big reaction style baits – a magnum crankbait, a magnum spoon, and a custom swimbait. I’ve had more success catching monster bass on these baits than almost any other reaction style fishing lures. We got though some tips to fishing them, why these lures catch big bass, and some of my favorite fishing video clips using these lures out on the lake. What’s your go to lure for catching monster bass?

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My buddy Cobi let me check out his super expensive Roman Made Swimbait!!! Insane fishing lure! We went to Lake Guntersville to bass fish and Cobi caught some insane glide bait bass fishing super shallow water. It started as a Ned Rig only fishing trip but as the bass moved up and became more active Cobi’s commitment to the Glide Bait paid off!! These fish are so pressured so seeing something completely custom like a homemade swimbait they get triggered!!!

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Winter fishing for bass in the most epic cold front of the year means insane fish activity and even catching a personal best bass over 10lbs on a crank bait. I’m not saying it’s fun fishing on days like this but pre-frontal conditions, strong winds, usually rain, and overcast skies have been the ideal times to target trophy fish this year. The west wind, a normal signal of a front passing through in Florida, sets up perfect on some offshore structure I’ve found and that current supplied by the strong winds lines the fish bass up in an eating mood! For the most part the most successful fishing techniques all related to power fishing – and mainly grinding a crankbait on the bottom in 15-24ft of water. We did catch a few fish dragging a Wrecking Ball and Carolina Rig but fish seemed to want the bait moving fast and digging into the bottom.

Weather: winds WSW 15-25mph (we took water over the bow of the boat many times), overcast with occasional heavy rains – note temps were in the low 60’s-70’s, the next day saw lows in the upper 30’s – i.e. it was a massive cold front!



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Fishing a tournament – mental game, pull out an epic trophy bass late in the day weighing over 8lbs; who doesn’t love fishing a bass tournament! No doubt it turned out pretty clutch. We caught a ton of fish using a wide range of techniques – drop shotting, longlining, Texas Rigged worm, spinnerbait,. Alabama Rig and a Neko Rig. Overall the bass were schooled up and fishing for them required using your graph to identify how the groups had shifted throughout the day. My worry was guys fishing spawning and pre-spawn fish in the grass – there had seemed to be a lot of big fish caught earlier in the week focusing on more traditional bass fishing techniques – topwater, flipping, sight fishing. However we focused on fishing for bass that were offshore staging to come in to spawn and it paid off with this crazy win!

Weather: morning lows in the lower 60’s, highs reaching the mid to upper 70’s; slight breeze in the P.M. and pretty much clear blue skies all day long.


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You need this graph – Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon:

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Mustad Triple Grips (Change your hooks!!!!!)

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Within 3 days my little brother managed to catch his personal best bass and then break it with this 8lbs 15oz largemouth! What’s more is we caught back to back fish over 8lbs in 2 casts. This is one of those days when you know you have it dialed in. These bass were staging on a flat near a ledge and feeding up to spawn. There was a small group of fish but these were the biggest we caught. I was throwing a Sinking Bull Shad and my brother caught his trophy on a Gambler Lures JTK Hair Jig. Links to all products and equipment below.

6″ Fast Sink Bull Shad

JTK Hair Jig 5/8oz

12lbs & 15lbs Red Label Flourocarbon (super good deal)

Powell Max 3D Crankbait Casting Rod 7′ MH Composite


Hero Session 5

Shoulder mount:

Suction cup mount:


I caught a 10lbs 14oz bass on a cranbait fishing in central Florida waiting for a friend. A pre spawn fish out in deeper water I fished the crank in a unique technique called longlining. Wish I would’ve brought my net but managed to land her by hand and catch it all on the GoPro. All equipment and tackle details below, check them out!

Strike King 6xd

Rod Powell Max 3d 7 11 MH:

Strike King 10xd

Camera – GoPro Hero 4

Sunline FC Sniper

GoPro Shoulder Mount

You need this graph Lowarance 12 Ti:

Went out for the first time to throw the Bull Shad and the bass results were pretty stellar – i.e. mind blown. Just wish iI would’ve been more prepared for the biggest fish of a my life to eat it!
Definitely need to throw it on a rod that has a bit of tip because you need backbone but being a bait with treble hooks it’s essential you have some play in the tip of the rod.

Bull Shad

Powell Max 3d 775

Not all of the best quality – but I think they get their point across!  Below you’ll find a vid collection of the “slounches”  from the past 3 years:

10 pounder caught flipping punch skirts pre-front on Lake Okeechobee – popped among 3 guide boats.  D&M Punch Skirt and Flippin’ Craw paired with a 1oz tungsten weight.

Probably one of the 2 biggest fish I’ve ever  caught – only bite that day on Rodman Res., water temp never broke 55 degrees.  3/4oz Red Eye Shad.

A better look at the above fish.

Lucky to have gotten this girl to the boat – instant anti-reverse went out on the reel but she stayed buttoned after a flopped hook set.  Flipping mats with a 1 1/2oz tungsten weight in North Central, FL.

No doubt the most audiologically pronounced giant to ever make contact with me – this fish made the boat shake and probably ingested 2 full gallons of water to take the bait in.  Rage Tail Shad – weightless.

First pure giant on Lake Okeechobee after the move south.  Pre-spawn staging fish tucked in the mats – post-front and she still thunked it on the way down.  1 1/2oz  D&M Custom Baits Big Mama

Among some of the oldest vids I have – never saw her but I assume this girl was on a bed and I simply placed the bait in the right hole in the grass.  1/2oz lead and a Zoom Ultra-Vibe Craw.

Another oldy but goody – caught 3 in the 8-10lbs class in 2 consecutive days.  Flipping a 1/2oz lead weight and Zoom Ultra-Vibe Craw.

Sadly the I ran out of juice for the catch on this fish but was able to at least get a vid image of her – absolutely dogged me.  Pulled a 15′ jon boat straight into the grass like it was nothing.  1/2oz lead Gambler Lil’ Otter.