Clutch Derby Win ~ 8lbs Stud, Mental Game

Fishing a tournament – mental game, pull out an epic trophy bass late in the day weighing over 8lbs; who doesn’t love fishing a bass tournament! No doubt it turned out pretty clutch. We caught a ton of fish using a wide range of techniques – drop shotting, longlining, Texas Rigged worm, spinnerbait,. Alabama Rig and a Neko Rig. Overall the bass were schooled up and fishing for them required using your graph to identify how the groups had shifted throughout the day. My worry was guys fishing spawning and pre-spawn fish in the grass – there had seemed to be a lot of big fish caught earlier in the week focusing on more traditional bass fishing techniques – topwater, flipping, sight fishing. However we focused on fishing for bass that were offshore staging to come in to spawn and it paid off with this crazy win!

Weather: morning lows in the lower 60’s, highs reaching the mid to upper 70’s; slight breeze in the P.M. and pretty much clear blue skies all day long.


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