Fishing for big bass with a spoon

I’ve bee catching some stellar fish approaching  bass with spoons.  In Florida that’s not the most common thing but it’s all about approaching water with an open mind and the right setup.

I’m running my standard sized spoons on Powell Max 3d 795’s and a Lews Speed Spool with 20lbs Sunline.  The setup gives enough tip to play the fish and at the same time get the right action out of the spoon when fishing it in 15 to 30ft of water.  These fish are targeting large gizzard shad and the presentation really plays to those bigger bass when they’re staging in late winer to come up to spawn!


With fish schooled deep an a-rig has also come into play;  specifically a Picasso School E Rig set up with Gambler Little EZ’s mixed with EZ Swimmers.  The trick has been to slow roll and drop retrieve keeping the presentation near the bottom up to 5ft off the bottom as the fish are podded and relating to shell and small ledges down deep.

Florida is not usually the place to implement structure fishing however you can’t argue with the quality of fish that I’ve stumbled upon out deep.  Definitely make you rethink the Florida situation and how big bass set up for the spawn in late winter.

Check out the vids and see what you think!