I DIDN’T CHEAT but I SCREWED up HUGE!!! Summer Spoon Fishing CHALLENGE

I didn’t cheat but this wasn’t supposed to be a bass fishing challenge with a spoon! I forgot all my soft plastic lures for offshore fishing so this turned into a hardbait challenge fishing for bass in summer! Which turned out INSANE since we landed over 30lbs of bass – MEGABAG and caught a 9lbs 9oz fish and my PB on a Nichols Ben Parker Spoon an 11lbs 6oz bass – HUGE! Summer can be a great time to fish for bass with hard baits since the lake water is super warm in Florida and fish metabolism is up. Reaction style lures tend to shine in that situation. Because these fish were suspended – up off the bottom – the spoon lure was perfect since it reaches higher in the water column and we were able to target the schooling fish – the lasagna – we were seeing on the sonar!

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13 Fishing reel https://bit.ly/2uEdZ4D

20lbs Flourcarbon Fishing Line https://bit.ly/2LyY3aj

Nichols Ben Parker Spoon https://bit.ly/2zX2I4u

Spoon fishing rod 8′ Mag Heavy https://bit.ly/2uV1H7t

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