I’m afraid if this continues it could kill Lake Okeechobee – one of the best freshwater fishereis in the country. Who is doing it? The REAL STORY is not in the news but you’ll hear about the toxic algae blooms on the coast. Killing grass on the lake has increased annually since 2010 and it’s not just invasive species being targeted anymore. Lake Okeechobee water levels have marched up – a story that should have made news in 2013 but was passed over until the crisis we find ourselves in now. I don’t have the answers and you need to remember no matter what “real story” you listen too there is an agenda and bias behind it. This is how I’ve watched the killing of Lake Okeechobee unravel since 2010 when I first arrived in South Florida. There isn’t one person to blame for the destruction of the lake but Okeechobee has been victim to a wide range of interests and politics which all in in all jeopardize the future of Florida’s greatest freshwater fishery!

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