We’ve all been there strutting the angler walk of shame at the end of a hard fished tournament. It’s tough to swallow after having put in so much time and really committed to laying it all on the line – but that’s the reality of tournament fishing, especially on Lake Okeechobee. There’s no shame in losing – even badly if you’re able to reset as an angler and come back and fish again. And sometimes that’s all you can do – fish, fail, and get right back out there. The walk of shame is just a reminder of how humbling this sport can be and how mother nature is never predictable when it comes to fishing for bass.

Once again the topwater frog was a top fishing lure out here on Lake Okeechobee as well as punching with a jig and Mega Daddy combo or a 1/2oz. Hawgtech tungsten paired up with a bulk plastic bait.


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Want the gear used in the vids – check it out below:

Cashion Casting Rod 7′ 3″ https://bit.ly/2Kks40p

Mega Daddy Craw https://bit.ly/2tcu0xn

Hawg Tech Tungsten https://bit.ly/2IZsX9I

Double Weedguard Jig 3/4oz https://bit.ly/2KPERF4

Hollow Bodied Frog https://bit.ly/2tEUoA4

Ned Head Mod Jig 5/16oz https://bit.ly/2KeQtoH

7″ Fat Ace cut down for Ned Rig https://bit.ly/2ygYlkf

Flourocarbon 18lbs https://bit.ly/2y7XjH7

50# Braid https://bit.ly/2Ka1pE5

Sun Gloves https://bit.ly/2lEd8fw

Face Shield https://bit.ly/2N3i0Hl

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