On the search for monster bass we fished a school of giant fish with a super finesse ned rig on light line and caught some big fish but lost a huge bass. I actually had the fish in my hands when I dove down to try and grab it after it came off the hook! When I’m in Florida I love exploring the deeps for trophy bass and that’s exactly what we did. I used my HDS Live to locate some groups of fish in 20-30ft of water and was forced to use finesse techniques to get them to bite like a drop shot, neko rig, and mostly a ned rig. What fishing lures, fishing rods, and equipment was I using?

Find it all at Tackle Warehouse: The Ned Rig I SHOULD HAVE BEEN USING!!! http://bit.ly/2JDtKkA Finesse flourocarbon fishing line http://bit.ly/2YjSLXd Fishing rod for ned rig http://bit.ly/2XtMvKS Soft plastic worm for ned rig – Green Pumpkin http://bit.ly/2CAFCjd Braided fishing line for finesse fishing http://bit.ly/2U98XvS My Costas http://bit.ly/2uv7Zeg C Map for my HDS Live http://bit.ly/2HTgx4D My graph http://bit.ly/2K7qn5U SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and Support #RealFishing!!! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/mikeybalzzfishing Inststagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikeybalzz/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikeybalzzfishing Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikeybalzz Website: https://mikeybalzzfishing.com/ LIKE, SHARE, love to fish. #fishing #bassfishing #RealFishing #OG #fishinglure #fishingrod #mikeybalzzfishing #fishingwithnorm #kickintheirbass #tacticalbassin #sbfishingtv #lojofishing #nedrig #fishingreel #cheapest #dropshot #finesse #costa #fail #spinningreel