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Summer fishing means cheating HUGE bass and we busted out the spoons and kitchen utensils in this technique video. Hot water temperatures can make fishing for bass tough this time of year but it can also lead to huge catches if you use the right fishing lures or utensils….and sometimes you have to cheat and go HUGE with big spoons like the NIchols Magnum Ben Parker Spoon.

The bass seemed to school up in the water during the morning period and I tried to show Fishing With Norm a quick cheat walk thru to the basics of the spoon technique – funny part is we also helped out a couple high school anglers try out this kitchen utensil spoon technique as well! By the end of the morning I think Fishing with Norm thought it was cheating too!! Things just got crazy and the lake showed off unbelievably!

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Want the fishing rod, fishing line, and fishing lures in the video? Here they are:

13 Fishing reel

20lbs Flourcarbon Fishing Line

Nichols Ben Parker Spoon

Spoon fishing rod 8′ Mag Heavy


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I CAUGHT a NEW PB bass on Lake Okeechobee fishing with Lojo Fishing and Fishing with Norm! Tricked her with a Mag Ned Rig fishing for bass in a community area before a bass tournament. Totally INSANE the fish weighed in just over 10lbs+ and put on an EPIC fight dragging the boat and even forcing us to chase her with the trolling motor. Tricking a fish like that is not easy task too with all the pressure and pre tournament fishing going on so it was a cool experience to share with fellow YouTubers!

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Want the baits and fishing stuff in the video?

7″ Fat Ace

Mag Ned Jig

Lighter Mag Ned Jig

20lbs Flourocarbon

Red Eye Shad Chartreuse Baitfish