No one has this fishing lure as of yet. I finally prototyped and designed a ned rig jig that has everything to fish big bass and heavy cover and will end bait slippage when fishing docks or just power fishing a Ned Rig. We head out to Lake Guntersville to test out my homemade jig and see how it performs around grass, fishing rock and other types of structure and cover for bass. My goal was to take the things that I don’t like about a Ned Rig – the finesse hook, the lack of a good keeper, the inability to throw it on a bait casting fishing rod – and turn those things around to make a more heavy cover, more functional, fish anywhere type ned rig jig. I also wanted it to be better suited for mag ned fishing and fishing soft plastic worms like like senkos or my Gambler Ace stick baits. We test the prototype on one of the best bass fishing lakes to see if my homemade lure catches bass and will make the cut!

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