Frog fishing for bass is almost as fun as punching. We broke down 3 types of frog fishing anyone trying to fish catch fish must know about. We also threw in our top frog lure picks as well as what kind of fishing line and what type of fishing rod to throw them on to catch more bass wherever your lake is at! Bass Quest also let the secret out on frog lure colors and what you REALLY need to look at when picking a frog to fish with. There’s been such a hot frog bite on Lake Okeechobee lately – and in general summer is a great time to be using frogs to catch bass – I thought it was time to get in depth on this fishing technique and cast some fishing tips your way to catch more and bigger bass the next time you head to the water!

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Want the frogs and fishing tackle in the vids, it’s all right here:

LiveTarget Frog

Spro Frog

Gavacho Poppin Frog

Teckel Sprinkler Frog

50# Braided Fishing Line

My frog rod 7′ 3″

Who doesn’t LIKE to fish for bass with topwater LURES? During the shad spawn there’s a few fishing lures that you need to have to catch bass. The crazy part is some of them are not even topwater baits but when you fish they focus on the surface of the water column! The shad spawn is when forage like shad spawn on grass or hard cover -just like bass in a way. It leads to a fish feeding frenzy during low light periods of the day. Thus you don’t get all day to target them and usually it’s just a small window in the morning when you get to the lake. On Lake Okeechobee the weird part is this spawn lasts all summer where as on most bodies of water it only occurs when the water is under 80 degrees.

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Want to know more about the baits in the video? They’re all linked below:

Spro Popping Frog

Buzzn Cane Toad

HC Swim Jig

Flappn Shad

EZ Swimmer Swimbait

Cashion 7’3″ fishing rod

Lightning 7′ MH fishing rod

the world is tiny – which is cool – and most people like to fish.


my best friend came down from Wisconsin for what’s becoming an annual 3 day peacock fishing trip in the mixed bag junkyards of the Miami airport canals.  among one of the evenings of crown and coke mixed with peacock footage we found it necessary to re-up on pop-r’s and rapala x-raps which the fish had simply been shredding.  made the trip down to my local dick’s sporting goods and grabbed what we needed.  as we were about to check out a guy comes up to me and asks “hey are you mikeybalzz….” – i was sort of shocked; in a metropolitan county of nearly 2 million people a dude recognized me from the vids on youtube ahhahahahah!

pieter's big bass on lake okeechobee
big toad special – “fish was just there…” (got it in on vid too, look for it on youtube in next month)

chance has a funny way of shaping things.  we ended up talking a bit and I told Pieter  – who fished a lot of the canals down here in south florida that we’d hit The Lake one weekend.  well, we hit The Lake a few weeks later – and things couldn’t have worked out more perfectly, got a taste of a monsoon and a drink of this 7+lbs truck on a buzzin toad!

Mixtape, Mix Bait, Lake Okeechobee Big Bass


      Bait Array

flipping jig, bass fishing, jackpot flippin jig, beaver bait, d&m custom baits
The vid highlights the 3/4oz version paired with a 5.5″ D&M Custom Baits Flippin Craw – but depending on winds/cover I’ll go all the way up to a 1oz or down to a 1/2oz. Trailer size varies depending on the fish – but for the most part fishing in FL you want to go big. I got the blues (grin).
topwater dawg, topwater fishing, owner twist lock hook, bobber stopper, bass fishing
Bobber stoppers to peg the 1/8oz bullet weight on the nose of the Topwater Dog – helps the bait to ride a bit lower when burning it creating a pretty little bubble that almost reminds you of a buzzbait. In super skinny slick water go down to a 1/16oz or even run it weightless. Hook choice is an Owner XXX 5/0 Twistlock.
topwater dawg, d&m custom baits, bass fishing, topwater lures
Use a pulsed retrieve much like you’d fish a crankbait. Even in the grass I keep the rod tip almost pointing at the bait allowing it to slink thru the grass with direct tension being placed on the nose – it’s not being dragged thru by a high rod tip causing the hook to pop out.
reaction innovations, tube, flipping, bass fishing, 1/2oz tungsten, boom boom tube, owner wide gap plus hook
A subtle jig alternative pairing a 1/2oz tungsten weight (double-bobber stoppers to peg), an Owner 7/0 Wide Gap Plus hook, and a big tube (4″ or larger) makes for a subtle midday/clear water flipping presentation