3 TYPES of FROG FISHING any Angler MUST know to Catch BASS

Frog fishing for bass is almost as fun as punching. We broke down 3 types of frog fishing anyone trying to fish catch fish must know about. We also threw in our top frog lure picks as well as what kind of fishing line and what type of fishing rod to throw them on to catch more bass wherever your lake is at! Bass Quest also let the secret out on frog lure colors and what you REALLY need to look at when picking a frog to fish with. There’s been such a hot frog bite on Lake Okeechobee lately – and in general summer is a great time to be using frogs to catch bass – I thought it was time to get in depth on this fishing technique and cast some fishing tips your way to catch more and bigger bass the next time you head to the water!

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Want the frogs and fishing tackle in the vids, it’s all right here:

LiveTarget Frog https://bit.ly/2LcAg31

Spro Frog https://bit.ly/2urE7jj

Gavacho Poppin Frog https://bit.ly/2zLkQhJ

Teckel Sprinkler Frog https://bit.ly/2JthMWY

50# Braided Fishing Line https://bit.ly/2uDIGq0

My frog rod 7′ 3″ https://bit.ly/2NgxmHO