Tournament Recap – Offshore Bass During Pre-Spawn and Post Spawn

Spent a lot of time fishing deeper, clearer lakes in central Florida over the past year and I’m starting to believe you can catch fish deep year round.

Obviously there are times of the year that might be more viable and offer better results than others (summer/fall), from the standpoint of consistency however – except for a brief period during the spawn – the most reliable bite is going to be deep.

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We fished a little open tournament on one of these lakes in what should be the heart of the spawn (which it was) and still managed nearly 17lbs and the win offshore lacking a big bite.  Strategy basically added up to junk fishing shell bars and brush piles with a wide range of baits – cranks, football jigs, c-rigs.  The big key though, in my eyes, was framing/approaching the deep bite in comparison to the absolute sick stupdidity (in a good way) we found last fall.  Understanding that this round we would not find a couple giant pods of fish – fish would be more spread out leading to only getting one or two bites per spot and pretty much grinding through the day would be the deal.  Here’s the vid recap: