BEST of MIKEYBALZZ Fishing Vol. 1 2017

Punching, flipping, swimbaits, crankbaits, hair jigs – fishing for trophy bass mash up on Lake Okeechobee and other Central Florida big bass factories! I thought it was time to throwback to some of the greates fish catches of the year and highlight fishing for bass in a wide range of situations – from targeting shallow grass and flipping mats with heavy braided fishing line to targeting fish offshore with flourocarbon, this is a bit of the best of everything.

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Baits, cams, and products in the video:

Camera – GoPro Hero 5 Black

You need this graph – Lowrance 12 Ti:

Powell Max 3d Casting Rods

Hack Attack Flipping Hook

Power Pro Slick 65lbs Braid

Gambler Culling Scale

Gambler Crawdaddy

JTK Hair Jig

Reins Tungsten

Sunline FC Sniper

GoPro Shoulder Mount

Floral Hat