OMG Fishing Friends I Need Your HELP! HUGE Swimbait Bass

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VOTE video 1J right here
Fishing friends I need you to get behind me and support #RealFishing! I have a shot at winning a fully rigged bass boat in the Uploaded Fishing VOY competition for 2018. The only way I can do it is with your help though – I need you to click the link above RIGHT NOW and vote for video 1J Let’s make this happen and show off what #RealFishing looks like!

Stay tuned for the release of the 3rd episode of 3 days in a row of catching bass over 9lbs and this time on a huge Bull Shad swimbait!!!!

Thanks for your support – LIKE and definitely SHARE the vid and voting link with your friends!!!!


One Reply to “OMG Fishing Friends I Need Your HELP! HUGE Swimbait Bass”

  1. Hey Mikey, how short do you think you are on the votes. I will have my wife sign in tonight when she gets home from work and vote for you. When are we going to get out on the lake for some mat punching? Good luck bro as I will contact some folks for you. God bless

    Sent from my iPhone Greg Natiello

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