The Wisconsin road trip continues on the Madison Chanin of Lakes and if you don’t fish a chatterbait like this, I’m telling you you’re missing out. We fished grass like we were in Florida with a chatterbait using a ripping technique to trigger bass in submerged vegetation to come out and eat. It’s a really simple fishing technique and a great way to fish a lake very efficiently covering water and fishing around heavy cover. It’s also an epic way to catch them, they absolutely crush the lure when you rip it out of the grass like this and it draws a reaction from fish that inmost situations don’t want to eat. I also throw in a more sublte way to mimic a bluegill using a squarebill crankbait in the same situation.

The new version of my chatterbait http://bit.ly/2luZiiQ

Swimbait trailer for my chatterbait http://bit.ly/2VLFbdp

Lucky Craft BDS Squarebill crankbait http://bit.ly/2m7VSTh

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My Chatterbait fishing rod http://bit.ly/2YXZnKs

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Punching fishing rod 7’11” H http://bit.ly/30ihBa4

Punching fishing lure and chatterbait trailer http://bit.ly/2LLK9p5

My Costas http://bit.ly/2uv7Zeg

C Map http://bit.ly/2HTgx4D

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