Our fishing road trip to Wisconsin has begun and it’s time to reveal one of the soft plastic worm rigs that no one talks about but used to catch me a ton of big bass. It’s a super simple diy rig or you can buy one pre rigged but in essence it’s a pre rigged straight tail plastic worm on a straight shank hook with a swivel. It’s best to use a 12-14lbs flourocarbon leader depending on how clear the water is as well as use braided fishing line behind it. When it comes to fishing rods throwing a medium action spinning rod about 7 foot seems to work best and really there’s no wrong way to work the fishing lure! Literally anyone can catch fish on this worm rig. One of the benefits as well is that it’s very easy to skip under docks or around cover and if you’re fishing really heavy vegetation you can always use a hook with a wire weed guard. A challenging but epic first day to the trip back to the old stomping grounds and the lakes and fisheries I grew up casting on. We’ll see if I learned anything while I was gone!!!

Soft Plastic Worm for pre rig setup

Swivel for pre rigged worm

12lbs fishing line (flourocarbon)

Owner Straight Shank Worm Hook 2/0 or #2

My Costas

C Map

My Lowrance HDS LIVE

Ned Rig Jig

Stickbait worm for Ned Rig

My hats and merch

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