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DON’T Use this LURE for BASS FISHING + THIS IS WHY (Fail) - On our fishing road trip we’re trying all different fishing lures to catch bass on these ultra clear water lakes. One way you can do that is use super tiny baits that are supposed to catch fish like crappie and bluegill. But with the clear water and pressured fish it can be the perfect solution […]
MAKE the PERFECT CUSTOM CHATTERBAIT (How to BUILD) - Chatterbaits catch bass – so how do you make the perfect custom chatterbait? In this vid I show you how to build a chatterbait with just a couple tackle components from Tackle Warehouse. The D&M Custom Baits Pirahna is the first bladed swim jig I fished and it has a slightly different movement and vibration […]
NOBODY THINKS to Use This LURE for BASS FISHING in FALL - Some of the best fishing lures for catching bass are right in front of our faces but nobody seems to recognize them. This happens a lot when anglers don’t think to look at artificial lures designed for other species of fish like crappies and bluegill and even walleye. One of the best lures for fishing […]
CRAWFISH or CRAYFISH? Bass EAT THEM ~ (BEST LURES to MIMIC Them) - Whether you call them crawfish or crayfish bass love to to eat. Some of the best baits and fishing lures mimic these creatures and their darting action across rocks and sandy bottoms. On our road trip we fished Green Lake which is a renowned smallmouth fishery that also has some great laregmouth bass as well. […]
The BEST FISHING REEL Ever MADE + (REEL HANDLE REPAIR) - There is no doubt in my mind the Shimano Curado 200e is and was the best fishing reel ever made. These days I pair it with my heavy cover fishing rods for frog fishing, punching, flipping and anything that involves braided fishing line. These are basically antique fishing reels but they’ve held up to catching […]
IF you DON’T FISH a CHATTERBAIT LIKE THIS (You’re MISSING OUT)!!! - The Wisconsin road trip continues on the Madison Chanin of Lakes and if you don’t fish a chatterbait like this, I’m telling you you’re missing out. We fished grass like we were in Florida with a chatterbait using a ripping technique to trigger bass in submerged vegetation to come out and eat. It’s a really […]
The SOFT PLASTIC WORM RIG (NO One Talks ABOUT) - Our fishing road trip to Wisconsin has begun and it’s time to reveal one of the soft plastic worm rigs that no one talks about but used to catch me a ton of big bass. It’s a super simple diy rig or you can buy one pre rigged but in essence it’s a pre rigged […]
The CHEAPEST WAY to GO JIG FISHING + NEW TACKLE WAREHOUSE Lures - Are you sick of your basic fishing lures and tackle costing way too much? I figured out the cheapest way to go jig fishing with high quality super customized jigs and it’s an easy DIY Mod from Tackle Warehouse. Pick your jigs, head style, weight, then get the skirt making kit we talked about in […]
If you DON’T DO THIS with YOUR CHATTERBAIT (You’re MISSING OUT)!!! - I hung out with Jacob Wall (FLW FISHING PRO) and we talked about insane chatterbait tweaks and mods that anyone can do and we walk thru a discussion of different ways to tweak the lure, different colors to use and why when fishing for bass. How do you tweak your chatterbait? What kid of DIY […]
The MOST DANGEROUS WAY to BASS FISH + (WORTH IT) - When you take big risks you get big rewards!! This is the most dangerous bass fishing on the planet, putting a big tungsten weight with a heavy action fishing rod under a mat can be totally + WORTH IT!!! Jacob Wall (FLW PRO) and I go to Lake Guntersville and flip mats and cast chattterbaits […]