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2 LURES that are DEADLY 365 days a YEAR for BASS - There are 2 lures that catch fish 365 days of the year – a Keitech Swimbait and a Ned Rig – 2 deadly lures for bass. In this video I show you a few techniques for fishing a Keitech and Ned Rig that not too many anglers talk about. Want an MB hat or box […]
STOP Wasting Money on JIGS - Stop wasting money on jigs and save some $$ by creating your own custom fishing jigs. In this video I show you how to make your own jig for any pond or lake and save some money in the process. Grab a MB Box and Hat https://bit.ly/3yx7YZi Get your own skirt making materials https://bit.ly/3tV2HWe BOSS […]
This DEADLY TECHNIQUE Won 100k at the Lake Guntersville MLF Tournament!!! - This is one deadly pattern for bass in May on Lake Guntersville and it showed off for the Major League Fishing Tournament on the lake for the winner of over 100k!!! Ledge fishing or offshore fishing played a role for a good portion of the top 10 tournament finishers and in this video I will […]
This TECHNIQUE is More DEADLY Than a Texas Rig WORM?!?! - Went to catch some fish and found out that this technique is more deadly than a texas rigged soft plastic worm!!! Want to try Ned Rig fishing a soft plastic worm? Power Ned Worm https://bit.ly/3vNXIKX Power Ned Jig https://bit.ly/31ZIRMK Want some MB hoodies https://bit.ly/3sgpwUB Mag Ned Jig http://bit.ly/2JDtKkA Another great ned worm http://bit.ly/2UWeh23 My Finesse […]
2 TECHNIQUES that Almost WON the Major LEAGUE Fishing Tournament on Lake GUNTERSVILLE - My friend @JacobWallFishing almost won the Major League Fishing Pro Circuit tournament on Lake Guntersville and these are the 2 techniques that caught bass. Jacob breaks down how to fish crankbaits and spoons for summer bass on Lake Guntersville. Nichols Lake Fork Flutter Spoon https://bit.ly/3xaPXxJ Strike King 6XD http://bit.ly/2XKvP1x Savage Gear Treble Hook https://bit.ly/3xpOxAV My […]
The 1 MISTAKE that can Completely CHANGE Your NED RIG Game - If there’s 1 thing mistake that I see anglers make that can completely change their Ned Rig game its shaking the lure vs dragging the soft plastic worm. In this video we discuss soft plastic worm retrieves spring through summer and what works to catch bass. Want some MB hoodies https://bit.ly/3sgpwUB Power Ned Worm https://bit.ly/3vNXIKX […]
Do PROS Really NEED all this on a BASS BOAT?!?! - Do pros really need all these electronics on a bass boat? In this video we install a Precision Sonar triple fish finder mount on my new bass boat and I tell you why I think I need it. Check out the Precision Sonar Mount https://bit.ly/3CVPAty Grab an MB hat https://bit.ly/3hwm83v My forward facing sonar https://bit.ly/3hLWtoJ […]
Start Skipping a CHATTERBAIT Better than your Friends - Skipping a chatterbait is a fishing technique that I am going to focus on and learn this season. In this video go through chatterbaits, chatterbait trailers, chatterbait setup, and some tips how you can skip a bait better than your friends. Chatterbait Mini Max https://bit.ly/3o1tGyN Grab some MB apparel https://bit.ly/3hwm83v Z Man Jack Hammer Chatterbait […]
The ONLY Lure You Need to CATCH BASS (Ned Rig) - IMO the only lure you need to catch bass in spring is a Ned Rig – it’s among the most versatile fishing lures to catch bass and you can do a wide range of techniques with it! In this video I introduce you to the NEW Power Ned Worm and we review it’s design and […]
I Have NEVER Seen my Actual BASS BOAT!!! 😮 - I have never seen my actual bass boat so in this video we un wrap my boat to reveal what the actual boat looks like!!! Grab some MB apparel https://bit.ly/3hwm83v Check out the full specs on the boat https://bit.ly/3HR2UAh