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The 1 MISTAKE that can Completely CHANGE Your NED RIG Game - If there’s 1 thing mistake that I see anglers make that can completely change their Ned Rig game its shaking the lure vs dragging the soft plastic worm. In this video we discuss soft plastic worm retrieves spring through summer and what works to catch bass. Want some MB hoodies https://bit.ly/3sgpwUB Power Ned Worm https://bit.ly/3vNXIKX […]
Do PROS Really NEED all this on a BASS BOAT?!?! - Do pros really need all these electronics on a bass boat? In this video we install a Precision Sonar triple fish finder mount on my new bass boat and I tell you why I think I need it. Check out the Precision Sonar Mount https://bit.ly/3CVPAty Grab an MB hat https://bit.ly/3hwm83v My forward facing sonar https://bit.ly/3hLWtoJ […]
Start Skipping a CHATTERBAIT Better than your Friends - Skipping a chatterbait is a fishing technique that I am going to focus on and learn this season. In this video go through chatterbaits, chatterbait trailers, chatterbait setup, and some tips how you can skip a bait better than your friends. Chatterbait Mini Max https://bit.ly/3o1tGyN Grab some MB apparel https://bit.ly/3hwm83v Z Man Jack Hammer Chatterbait […]
The ONLY Lure You Need to CATCH BASS (Ned Rig) - IMO the only lure you need to catch bass in spring is a Ned Rig – it’s among the most versatile fishing lures to catch bass and you can do a wide range of techniques with it! In this video I introduce you to the NEW Power Ned Worm and we review it’s design and […]
I Have NEVER Seen my Actual BASS BOAT!!! 😮 - I have never seen my actual bass boat so in this video we un wrap my boat to reveal what the actual boat looks like!!! Grab some MB apparel https://bit.ly/3hwm83v Check out the full specs on the boat https://bit.ly/3HR2UAh
2 COLD Water Crankbaits the PROS NEVER Talk About - In this video we go over 2 cold water crankbait lures for bass fishing the PROS never talk about. Want to get a MonsterBass hoodie https://bit.ly/3hwm83v Cold water silent crankbait https://bit.ly/3LvjJ6A Nishine silent lipless crankbait https://bit.ly/34WemNz My crankbait setup: Shimano SLX https://bit.ly/3cdcxts My Halo crankbait fishing rod 7′ 3″ https://bit.ly/2ZJMLtP Flourocarbon fishing line http://bit.ly/2Fsx0gk
The Most POWERFUL Lure in PRESPAWN Fishing – Lipless CRANKBAITS - There is one lure more powerful than any other when it comes to presspawn bass fishing – the lipless crankbait. Want the MB hoodie in the vid? https://bit.ly/3hwm83v The lipless crankbait lures in the videos along with the rod and reel setups for crankbait fishing: Thunderhawk Silent Lipless https://bit.ly/3LvjJ6A Nishine Lures Simcoe Silent Lipless Crankbait […]
I Busted My Boat After I Caught a HUGE Bass 😡 - In this video I totally bust my boat right after catching a huge bass flipping heavy cover. I also drop some fishing tips, techniques, and rod and reel setup for flipping and pitching grass for spring bass. Want the MB apparel in the vid? https://bit.ly/3hwm83v My Costas https://bit.ly/35X3gEP My flipping hook http://bit.ly/2FWb2CO Hawgtech flipping weight […]
The ONLY 2 CHATTERBAIT Combos you NEED - I go through the only chatterbait rod and reel combos you need to catch bass. We break down when to use each fishing rod setup and high light some chatterbait trailers as well as chatterbait tips and techniques. Want the MB sun hoodie in the vid? https://bit.ly/3hwm83v Grab a chatterbait to catch bass https://bit.ly/2WugweW Komodo […]
This TECHNIQUE is DEADLY for February BASS Fishing - This technique is deadly for February bass fishing. A soft plastic jerkbait lure is super versatile for fishing and one technique that is overlooked because it is so classic! Want to try magnum jerkbait fishing for bass or grab a MonsterBass shirt? I love this hat https://bit.ly/3hwm83v Soft plastic jerk bait https://bit.ly/3oa1OcA Owner Wide Gap […]