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The CHEAPEST WAY to GO JIG FISHING + NEW TACKLE WAREHOUSE Lures - Are you sick of your basic fishing lures and tackle costing way too much? I figured out the cheapest way to go jig fishing with high quality super customized jigs and it’s an easy DIY Mod from Tackle Warehouse. Pick your jigs, head style, weight, then get the skirt making kit we talked about in […]
If you DON’T DO THIS with YOUR CHATTERBAIT (You’re MISSING OUT)!!! - I hung out with Jacob Wall (FLW FISHING PRO) and we talked about insane chatterbait tweaks and mods that anyone can do and we walk thru a discussion of different ways to tweak the lure, different colors to use and why when fishing for bass. How do you tweak your chatterbait? What kid of DIY […]
The MOST DANGEROUS WAY to BASS FISH + (WORTH IT) - When you take big risks you get big rewards!! This is the most dangerous bass fishing on the planet, putting a big tungsten weight with a heavy action fishing rod under a mat can be totally + WORTH IT!!! Jacob Wall (FLW PRO) and I go to Lake Guntersville and flip mats and cast chattterbaits […]
I NEED a NEW PUNCHING ROD so I asked the EXPERTS - The late summer and fall flipping punching bite is here and I need a new punching rod for fishing heavy cover for bass. So I asked my buddy Walt who is an expert fishing rod builder at Halo what he would recommend and what my bud JT Kenney uses for catching big fish in heavy […]
I LOVE FISHING TACKLE STORES! GTO WALK THRU - There is nothing for fun for an angler than exploring a fishing tackle store! We walk thru GTO – Guntersville Tackle and Outdoors just down the street from Lake Guntersville. Paul the owner is stocked up with Gambler stuff for the upcoming free tournament September 28th and there’s also a bunch of cool local fishing […]
MY SECRET JIG COLOR & HOW TO MAKE IT ~ DIY - I love custom diy fishing lures and jigs but I don’t have a lot of time to do it. So I got a custom jig skirt making kit from Tackle Warehouse to make some. I have a secret jig color I love to throw that works in any kind of water especially clear to ultra […]
FISHING Rod CHALLENGE! STRONG Enough for LAKE GUNTERSVILLE BASS? - We linked up with Halo Fishing Rods for a fishing rod challenge on Lake Guntersville. Walt is an absolute stick out on the lake so we learned about summer bass behavior as well as the technology that makes up some of the fishing rods I love. What was most interesting to me is how the […]
TODAY, I SAVED My DOGS LIFE…SCARY MOMENT! - You told me it would happen and today it did. Bog the rescue pitbull fell in the lake and almost drowned. We were fishing and the dog tried to transfer boats and fell in the water. He went under 2 times and I could not grab his collar so I dove in after him. There […]
POLICE STOPPED us and the BASS STARTED BITING ~ LOJO FISHING CHALLENGE - Lojo Fishing called to fish with one goal – catching his first smallmouth bass. The challenge was on and it turned into quite an adventure. First all we could get to bite were small largemouth bass. Then we got stopped by the lake police and after that they started chewing our lures. Did Lojo catch […]
I LOVE this KIND of FISHING ~ Flipping HEAVY VEGETATION - If there is one fishing technique I love it’s flipping and punching heavy cover for bass. And right now on Lake Guntersville the mats are stacked with bass to target with heavy Hawg Tech tungsten weights, a heavy action fishing rod, and big braid. You can do it too by targeting matted vegetation on your […]