Back to Back 40lbs Bags Fishing Bass~ What Just Happened!?!

40lbs+ 5 fish limit of bass fishing the juice – what just happened!!? This is insane, fishing techniques aside we are on the best lake in the country right now and the best spot for huge fish I think I’ll ever find! Once again getting reaction strikes from fish using crankbaits in deeper water deflection off shell and focusing on an underwater point, these fish are moving up to spawn and they all seem to be stuck in this small area and they are the biggest fish on the lake. My goals was to target a mega giant fish but when you’re catching nothing but 8lbs+ bass in Florida how can you stop fishing for them. This is literally the best fishing I’ll ever experience in my life so I’m going to live it up as long as I possibly can. We have them dialed in and they’re eating just as long as you’re using the right fishing technique and presenting the lure correctly!


Want the gear in the vids – it’s all at TW follow the links below:


Want the gear in the videos?? Everything is right here:

Strike King 10xd

Sunline FC Sniper

Mustad Triple Grips (Change your hooks!!!!!)

You need this graph – Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon:

Powell Cranking Rod 7’11”

My Costas

9″ Bull Shad Swimbait

Dobyns Swimbait Rod 795

All the camera stuff, the drone, floral hats everything you need to shoot vids!